Abouth project

The project Seamstress of Memories is curated by Ivo Bistrichki. He
presents his view of Nadya Peovska’s work process and her
creations with the folowing sentences:

” The woman sits down at the sewing machine and
starts making a dress to dress someone or maybe herself you
are In front of her is a roll of fabric that needs to take shape
How long should it be tuck it in or let it fall freely He tailors to
his own measures and adds elements of his soul Memories of
the past of the sea of warm nights words and conversations
arise. On the side are scissors a centimeter spools threads
and next to them the seamstress is drinking coffee and
assembling her dress She sets the thread adjusts the fabric
and begins to sew Nadya Peovska shows a series of digital
prints printed on fabric The works are completely digital without
external interventions and additional material processing The
author is present on them with archival photos and decorative
colorful elements interspersed as collages The photos are on a
dark background and the collage pieces are in clean bright
colors All this looks like a new patchwork but not sewn from
different pieces of fabric but with photographic memories and
geometric shapes The compositions are open ended presented
live unframed and the continuation is part of the cut roll of

All works are printed on cotton. Digital collages are created on base of studio and autor’s autentic photos. The opening of exhibitio was in the Center for contemporary art and Librari – Burgas. The project is realized with the financial support of National Fund of Culture – Sofia.