2019     Award for the best documentary shortmovie ”At grandmother Ivana’s home” in the V edition of Festival for mobile movies ” Kino v dlan”

2017         Encouraging award ”Rozalina Trutman” in Painting on the yearly exhibition of students from Department ”Visual Art” in  University ”Ep. K. Preslavski” , Shumen

2017         Nomination for award “Young artist of the year” of the name of Russi Stoyanov,given during exhibition ” 24 of May” in Burgas Artist Society

2016         Award and Honour with short movie in Students Film Art Festival in Shumen Univercity ‘Ep.Konstantin Preslavski’,taking place in 5.10.2016-10.10.2016

2016         Nomination for award “Young artist” of the name of Russi Stoyanov

2015         Honored with a nomination in the “Painting” of the Fifth  National Competition ALLIANZ BULGARIA – painting,  graphics and sculpture

2015         Fourth place and  encouraging award in the competition for young designers – Varna “Young urban fashion 2015”  organized by “Bogoia – M” Ltd. with the support of  Varna Municipality,  Directorate “Youth activities and sports”  Association “Our World” and Advertising Agency “Diavelli”

2015         First place in the competition for textile doll symbol of Burgas to social enterprise “Draw me smile” – organized by the  NGO “Cancer Patients and Friends” and the Municipality

2013         Honors “Knight of aesthetics and fashion” for  Excellent results during training, Bogoya, Varna