Exhibition SENSATION – 26.01.2015 – HBA, Burgas

sensation-posterIn my paintings are reflected and impressed different moments and frames of mind. With my arts I try to provoke the viewer and have an effect on him through simplification of form and color intensity, which are often substandard. Body – it says it all …..
Dominates the female figure, because in most of them is overexposed image of the author and his mood. My paintings often reflect those little moments that make us happy – love, family, nature – reflect stolen time that we want to stop in everyday life and enjoy the moment or the ability to live in the moment – here and now ….
By searching for color harmony and balance I caught a pulse, reflected thoughts, sensations, emerge from the subconscious – real and unreal. My paintings have a different sound – tenderness, dreamy, peace, love, even sadness, because they reflect the mind world of women – of human and “Bitterness is even in the cup in the best love: because it excite longing for the Superman, because she excites hunger in you – the artist! “said Nietzsche.