Female figure and female image in Art

In this article, I will focus on the female figure and the female image in art, and mainly how it is represented in my art. We all know that a woman is a muse, a model and an inspiration from the end of time. The woman is a muse not only for  artists – men, but also for artists – women. The beauty of the woman is indisputable and her delicacy, mystery and sex appeal excite all creators to this day. Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Rubens, Michelangelo and many more – they were all inspired by the female. 

But if for men artist, the woman appears more as a muse, model and inspiration, then for women artists, the female image comes quite naturally on the canvas, more as self-expression. At least that’s how I feel it in my work. Every single picture, every shot is a caught moment, a moment from my existence.

In most of my paintings the female figure is a stylized form that has its effect and presence. The figure does not engage us with a detailed image and  specific expression, but is part of the overall figure composition. However, it acts and is presented as a substantive image, without being compulsive. The body says everything.

In my paintings I have captured different sensations – calmness, love, loneliness, sadness, romance, rebellion, impetus. There are shown some problems from existence of  a woman like a mother, trying to prevent loosing herself  among the  daily worries and duties, seeking a moment for her own self. Somewhere the relations between mother and daughter, sister, a man and a woman are showed. 

But it seems as  in my creative work over the past few years the inner strength and energy of the woman have predominated, which make her interesting as an image and help her not to lose herself.

The woman is a source of strength, life, love and energy, which properly directed turns into  impulsive power and light. The figure image in my paintings

changes over time as each person changes, because our art is who we are. I believe that our self-creation and growing up as a person pushes us forward, and that remains a strong sign on our art. That is why being an artist  is  very responsibility, because what you give people must be on your best level.