“Minutes timeless”- 01.12.2016-23.12.2016 – Exhibition in “Artur” gallery,Sofia

Gallery "Arthur" presents "Minutes timelessness" - solo exhibition of paintings by 
Nadya Peovska. In her sails, Nadya Peovska coded states - live moments from the suspended 
time. Mind perceives color and light clean, simple forms. The female silhouette is 
the main character. In personnel stopped out of film tape alternating movements-conditions 
expressed by female figures.Persons are indistinguishable, unrecognized as backlit
facing inward. And with each subsequent stage motion is detected - a moment of deep thought, 
memory, desire, dream, rest, waiting. In the background color of nature breathe deep, warm and calm.
Picturesque exposure Nadya Peovska leaves a feeling of a kind of series of self-portraits 
- a series of qualifying conditions on the artist.

Author: Polly Bankova - Maneva - "Artur" gallery