Mladejko village

According to latest data tere are six resident living with permanent and current address in Mladejko village. Untill 1892 it was inhabited only by Bulgarians, but after a few years Turks settled too. Until Liberation the population was mixed – Turks and Bulgarian. During the Balkan Wars and after it refugee from Odrin Thrace settled down. At that period the Sharon Houses were build, which are the object of my publication. They were build at the begining of 20-the century for thousonds of refugees from Macedonia and White Sea Thrace. The houses are named of the French banker Rene Charron, who developed the architecture model of refugees houses. Nowadays, there are still preserved houses along the Black Sea Coast, Strandja and Petrich. I managed to took some shots of the last vanishing house of this type in Mladejko village and this happened because of neigbour’s kindly assistance, which yard we had to passed trough to reach it. There are few abondened houses in that village, but for me was interesting to share the hystory of the Sharon Houses with you.

The DEPOPULATION project is aimed at the depopulating villages of Strandzha and is implemented with the financial support of the NFK under the Socially Engaged Arts Program. It aims to focuse public attention to the problem, with the ultimate goal being a final exhibition in which footage of old, crumbling houses will take on a new life through the author’s eyes.