Art of love and love to art

In today’s article I decided thematically to write for love – the love of art and how love gave me impuls start painting. I dare to say that I have never had a moment where I decided  to be an artist. I have always been connected with it in different ways. In my early childhood my passion was  classical and modern ballet, in the high school stage it turned into philosophy, poems and numerous literary topics and essays.

Then the drawing appeared. Love prompted me to grab the brush. It all started with a very ordinary painting that I wanted to give to my loved.  I wanted a gift in which to put my energy and love. So after realizing my idea, for a while the artist in me hid in some far corner, but the thought that I had unused art materials somewhere in the drawer, didn’t give me any peace. So, after deciding one day to use them, I began to practice my endless drawing, which continues nowadays. It’s been almost fourteen years since then, and I dare say I keep practicing because there’s always more to try. I believe that  to be a good artist you don’t have to be afraid to be different, venturesome and brave. It is also important for me to be a good person, and good people love unconditionally. There is no way to hide your essence – everything become  clear on the canvas. You reveal your soul and personality to the whole world, so creating art is very responsible.

So here I am after so many years, going through different searches and continuing to search and love… The love of art, of nature, of life – it keeps me awake with an open mind. Impulsive inspiration is not eternal – it may only be an initial impetus, but it cannot be endless. As people say that appetite comes with eating, so it is with drawing – inspiration comes with work and we have to look for it ourselves, everywhere in our daily lives and in every one situation around us. You can make art from any situation – as long as you catch it. Creating art is a long thought process of maturing into our mind and then realizing it.

“Love is the independence of man. It defines his personality from within, his creative power; it is not simply a choice between good and evil, but the very construction of good and evil. “

                                                                                                                                                  Nikolay Berdyaev