Art project Integration

The project “Integration” by Nadya Peovska includes a short video and several photos from the venue, which also present the topic of minority integration. The idea for creating a video on this topic comes after  invitation of the author to participate in the 3rd Student Video Art Festival October 6-10, 2016, which is held annually at  Univercity “Ep. Konstantin Preslavski ”- Shumen. Nadya is honored her movie ”Integration” as movie on actual social topic. The venue from video dated since 2008 and were created quite impulsively. The author presents us the most pressing problematic topic in a  catchy way, and he poses a number of serious questions to us….

The topic of Roma integration with Bulgarians today is an urgent and pressing problem, whose solution has been sought for years. Integration is a two-way process, regardless of social and political attitudes and expectations. Accepting diversity in traditions is a process of personal and social cultural evaluation. The film “Integration” shows precisely the two-way process of integration, to some extent as a parody of all the “efforts” by the authorities at the moment to integrate the Roma. The pictures were shot on one of the biggest Roma holidays – Gergyovden / Erdelez /, on which the author of the film – Nadya Peovska falls by accident. There is an impulsive urge to merge with the celebrities. At the end of  video, the author “integrates”, grasping hand in hand with all the celebratory Roma choirs.