Project ”To get over trough art”

The project “To get over trough art” emerges as an idea after the collaboration of Burgas artist Nadya Peovska as a Designer in social enterprise “Draw me a smile”. Working daily with people who have encountered the disease, Nadya Peovska gets to know their anxieties, longings and dreams closely. The project aims to improve the hospital space in the  Complex Oncological Centre in Burgas, where patients with oncological problems are hospitalized and to enter the art inside. The idea  is trough art to bring  light in patient room and hospitals, also hope, love and warmth  as Nadya believe her works to help the patients to get over with hard moments during diagnose. She suppose  that paintings will reflect positively on their emotional world as art therapy. “The people who met during my work are the strongest people, most  sincere and so loving  the beauty in the world, ready to give love and with so many dreams, they really know how to  enjoy real as a kid! I am lucky to know them, because they made my world more colorfull ! “