Between two worlds in artist’s world

Most of the artists are led to another world, like actors, while playing the role or dancers, while dancing their dance. Art people are so quickly immersed in the art world that they very often lose touch with reality. In order to safe themselves as artists, artists need to be isolated  and devote to their ideas.

Creating art is freedom of mind. There are no restrictions on the canvas. You can change everything, draw your dreams, fears, you can even change the world. Through art, creators keep the child forever – the child who never ceases to dream and believe in miracles.

In the picture “Between Two Worlds” of the author we see precisely this flame in the eyes of the child, who was dreaming and looking at us with warm brown eyes. Behind her stands her imaginary friend Pikachu. They both live between two worlds – the real and the other – the imaginary. When the real world gets boring , they can always go up the stairs to that other world – up there, between the clouds, where it’s beautiful and magical.

We all want to remain children forever to be brave in our dreams and good in our deals.

It’s not accidental that Pablo Picasso says, “It took me four years to learn how to draw like Raphael, but a whole life to learn how to draw as a child.”

All the artists want to get rid of the learned rules in the academy and again to paint freely as a child, because then you are the most sincere and the most valuable art is the sincere.

Through their works, artists also transport you – the viewer to that other magical world that you secretly dream of. And you need to break away from reality and fly somewhere in the infinite space of your dreams. You deserve it!