Project BOND

The project aims at showcasing the development of Nadya’s works leading to her upcoming exhibition entitled ‘BOND’.
‘BOND’ is a joint exhibition between two sisters, who although having lived far away from each other for a long period of time, still maintain a very strong bond. Based on this personal relationship, the exhibition will aim at representing bonds that exist between brothers, sisters, family and people in general. It will picture the connections and intricate relationships that characterizes humanity.
The project involves the publishing of regular snapshots of Nadya’s works showing her journey leading to the exhibition, and ending with a video presentation of all published works. The works will be intended to provoke interest in viewers, leading to discussion and interaction, which ultimately are the building stones of bonds.
The upcoming exhibition, BOND, is organized by the Malta Society of Arts. It is scheduled for September 2021 at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta, Malta. The curator for the exhibition is Mr. Roderick Camilleri.
The project “Pre-premier online exhibition” is supported by the Bulgarian National Fund of Culture under the Creative Initiatives Program.